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Consortium - Kleptotrace


The strength of the KLEPTOTRACE project lies in the diverse expertise of the partners and supporters, joining their efforts to combat high-level corruption.

Transcrime – Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Academic Institution Project Coordinator

Transcrime is the Joint research centre on innovation and crime of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, the Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna and the Università degli Studi di Perugia. The Centre, with a staff of more than 25 people, has offices in Milan. Transcrime is exclusively funded by contracts and funding from private corporations and local, national and international public institutions. 

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IT company 

Crime&tech srl is the spin-off company founded in 2015 by the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and the researchers of Transcrime – Joint research centre on innovation and crime. Crime&tech offers advanced solutions and tools to support the assessment of risks related to organised crime infiltration, corruption, money laundering, and detect anomalies and risk factors in firms and other assets.

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Policía Nacional 

Law Enforcement Authority 

Policía Nacional (CNP), whose direct command corresponds to the person in charge of the General Directorate of Police, under the dependence of the person in charge of the Secretary of State for Security, has among its functions to investigate crimes to discover and arrest the presumed culprits, ensure the instruments, effects and evidence of the crime, making them available to the competent Judge or Court, and prepare the appropriate technical and expert reports, among others.

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Financial Intelligence Unit – Latvia

Financial Intelligence Unit 

The Financial Intelligence Unit of Latvia is an independent authority, and its responsibility lies with prevention of money laundering in Latvia, with the goal of eliminating the possibility of using the Latvian financial system to launder money or finance terrorism. 

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Malta Financial Services Authority

Financial Intelligence Unit 

The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) is the single regulator of financial services in Malta. The MFSA regulates banking, financial institutions, payment institutions, insurance companies and insurance intermediaries, investment services companies and collective investment schemes, securities markets, recognised investment exchanges, trust management companies, company services providers and pension schemes. 

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Agenția Națională de Administrare a Bunurilor Indisponibilizate 

Asset Recovery Office 

ANABI is the Romanian Asset Recovery & Management Office and the national authority with the legal mandate to cooperate internationally in all phases of the criminal cases – with the end of tracing, securing and managing the high value seized assets and negotiating asset-sharing agreements. By establishing ANABI, Romania proposes an integrated approach to asset recovery by combining the support to law enforcement and judiciary with the attributes of international cooperation, management of seized assets and social reuse of confiscated assets.

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Autorità nazionale anticorruzione

Anticorruption Authority 

ANAC, the Italian Anti-Corruption Authority, is an independent administrative Authority. The institutional mission is to prevent corruption in all areas of public administration. ANAC’s fields of action are implementation of corruption prevention policies, providing the correctness and transparency of the procurement procedures, and ensuring compliance with the legislation on transparency. 

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Harakopio University of Athens

Academic Institution 

Harokopio University of Athens (HUA) is a public university dedicated to promoting research and learning in well-focused intellectual areas. According to Times World University Rankings 2022 HUA ranked 1st among the Greek Universities, with a large amount of highly acknowledged and impactful work. The Department of Informatics and Telematics (DIT) is the main driver and contributor to making HUA one of the four Greek Universities that have been continuously publishing work that is highly acknowledged. DIT has a strong research profile, in areas such as Data Analytics and Mining, Text mining, the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Algorithms for Image related tasks, and the development of cyber-physical systems of systems with enhanced autonomy and personalized experience for their operators and users.

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Université du Luxembourg

Academic Institution 

The University of Luxembourg was founded in 2003 and is the only public university in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The Times Higher Education ranks the University #4 worldwide for international outlook, #25 in the Young University Ranking 2022, and among the top 250 universities worldwide. Its Department of Law comprises over 100 researchers undertaking comparative and interdisciplinary research covering the full spectrum of the legal field. Institutional and private sector partnerships, sponsored chairs, and a growing network of international partner universities make the Department of Law a vibrant academic hub at the heart of Europe. In 2022 and 2023, Law at the University of Luxembourg appeared in the top 100 of the Times Higher Education World University Ranking by subject, climbing from #92 to #68.

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Investigative Reporting Project Italy

Investigative Journalism

Investigative Reporting Project Italy (IRPI), is an association of investigative journalists based in Italy whom are experimenting new approaches, production and distribution models of investigative journalism. IRPI favours topics such as the public spending, organised crime, environmental impoverishment, corporate policies that lead to illegal profits or social injustice. IRPI publishes an online magazine, IrpiMedia.

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Associatia Journalistor de Investigatii Context

Investigative Journalism

The CONTEXT platform is an independent media startup that aims to expand the community of investigative journalists in Romania, shedding light on corruption, organized crime, and fraud of any kind through the publication of investigative journalism. Its main objective is to enhance the level of investigative journalism through education, technology, and mentoring programs dedicated to young reporters or those who aspire to become investigative journalists. As part of the international network Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, CONTEXT actively promotes cross-border cooperation among investigative journalists. 

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Law Enforcement Authority – External supporter 

Europol is the European Union’s law enforcement agency, with the goal to achieve a safer Europe for the benefit of all the EU citizens. Headquartered in The Hague, the Netherlands, it supports the 27 EU Member States in their fight against terrorism, cybercrime, and other serious and organized forms of crime. Europol also works with many non-EU partner states and international organisations.

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Data provider – External supporter

OpenSanctions is an international database of persons and companies of political, criminal, or economic interest. The project combines sanctions lists, databases of politically exposed persons, and other watchlists into a single, easy-to-use dataset. 

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The European Business Registry Association

Data provider – Associated Partner

The European Business Registry Association (EBRA) is an international association of Business Registry professionals who come together to share business register insight, experience and best practice. EBRA currently has 42 Members from EU and non-EU countries. To support our members, EBRA organises a number of activities, including two active working groups on Beneficial Ownership and Company Law, an annual conference, and collaboration on cross-border projects with the aim of progressing the business registry domain. 

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Network of corruption prevention authorities

Anticorruption Authority – Associated Partner

The (Council of Europe) Network of Corruption Prevention Authorities (NCPA) constitutes a global network of members, affiliated partners, and observers from various regions of the world, with the aim of improving the exchange of information in the fight of corruption; enhancing operational capacity; promoting international standards and good practices; partnering with international stakeholders for the promotion of integrity. 

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