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About - Kleptotrace


KLEPTOTRACE, a project co-funded by the European Union, aims to tackle the challenges of high-level corruption, kleptocracy, and sanction circumvention within the EU. We monitor the evolution of high-level corruption, delivering specialized training to bolster anti-corruption investigation capabilities, creating innovative tools for enhanced asset tracing, and heightening public awareness about the threats and risks related to transnational corruption.

Our activities


Extensive analysis of new forms and risk factors related to transnational high-level corruption and schemes of sanctions breach and circumvention. The findings are disseminated and validated by EU Member State competent authorities and EU agencies.


A state-of-the-art platform is being designated to effectively investigate, analyse, and understand connections, risks, and anomalies linked to designated entities and their assets.


Five dedicated training programs for EU authorities, AML/CTF obliged entities, supranational authorities, and civil society organizations.

Policy Reccomandations

Evaluate current EU sanction regime limitations and make policy and legal recommendations for improvement. 


Increase awareness among EU authorities and civil society about transnational high-level corruption risks through online and offline communication.

Projects Outputs Timeline

Sept. 2023

Training on legal bases for international sanctions and asset recovery

April 2024

Training on high-level corruption risk recognition from complex ownership structure

June 2024

Report on the limitations of the current EU and national sanction regimes

July 2024

Training on use of public registers to disclose kleptocracy schemes

Aug. 2024

Handbook on new forms and risk factors of transnational high-level corruption schemes

Nov. 2024

Legal and policy recommendations on EU and national sanction regime

Dec. 2024

Report on schemes employed to circumvent sanctions

Training on early detection of high-level corruption schemes

April 2025

Training on use of data-driven tools for investigations of high-level corruption