Webinar “Illicit Flows in the Mediterranean” by International Siracusa Event

SII Webinar

On Monday, 28th of June 2021, the Siracusa International Institute, partner of the Flows Project, held the webinar on “Illicit Flows in the Mediterranean: Vulnerabilities, Asymmetries and the Limits oCriminal Justice Responses”.

It was an incredible occasion to discuss the two main themes of “Recent history of irregular migration and related flows across the Mediterranean Region, and current challenges for policy makers and enforcement authorities” and “how to address risks of crime displacement and convergence through rule of law assistance and deeper international cooperation”.

Many incredibly competent speakers took part to the event, namely:

  • Filippo Musca, General Director of the Siracusa International Institute
  • Alberto Aziani, Senior Researcher at Transcrime
  • Iole Fontana, Adviser at the Siracusa International Institute and Research Fellow at University of Catania
  • Patrícia Silveira, Head of Unit of Strategy and External Affairs of Europol
  • Andrea Romano, Strategic Organized Crime Advisor LEU at the EU Border Assistance Mission in Libya (EUBAM)
  • Federica La Chioma, Deputy Prosecutor at the Office of the Prosecutor in Palermo

Watch the registration of the event.